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JRun 4 Updater 6 : Hot fix for getBlob not working with remote clientsProducts affected


This TechNote provides a link to the JRun4 Updater 6 hot fix JAR file that contains the fix for the following JRun defect:

  • 61591 - getBlob() function used to retrieve blob from the resultset doesn't work properly with remote Java clients. It works properly with local lookup.

Note: getBlob() does not work with local or remote lookups with MySQL databases.


JRun returns an empty stream whenever the getBlob function is executed with remote clients.


Note: Adobe strongly recommends installing and testing hot fixes in your test/staging environment prior to deployment on live production systems.

Follow the instructions below to install the hot fix build:

  1. Download the hot fix file. 12K
  2. Extract the JAR file and copy it into the {JRun-Home}\servers\lib directory (or "{JRun-Home}/servers/lib" on Unix and Linux).
  3. This hot fix is compatible with JRun4 Updater 6 (build 106363) and greater. You can verify your build number by one of the following options:
    • Open the JRun Management Console. Select the Settings, then Version links to display the build number.
    • Run the following command at the command prompt:

      On Windows 2000, NT and Win9x:

      cd "{jrun-base-dir}\bin"
      jrun -info

      On Unix and Linux:

      cd $JRUN_HOME/bin
      jrun -info
  4. Restart JRun servers to complete the patch deployment.

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