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Power of the Brush panel in Photoshop

Brush panel is one of the most powerful panels in Photoshop. This panel offers almost any control over Brush tip, size and behavior. In this tutorial I will mention some of controls and how to combine them to create interesting paintings, backgrounds.

First select Brush tool from Toolbox (B) then click Toggle the brush panel icon in Options bar, press F5 key on your keyboard or go to Window > Brush. Brush Tip Shape tab will appear selected where you can choose brush at top of panel window, adjust Size, Angle, Roundness, Hardness and Spacing. Below Size slider you can Flip X or Y or adjust angle and Roundness in mini preview window on the right side of panel. Click on arrow in mini window and drag to set Angle (or type number in Angle: text field) or click on one of two dots in circle and set roundness (or type number in Roundness: text field).

Click on Brush settings name to view and adjust settings or click the check box to the left of the option set to enable or disable the options without viewing them. To lock brush tip shape attributes (retaining them if you select another brush preset), click the unlock icon. To unlock the tip, click the lock icon.

Shape dynamics determine the variance of brush marks in a stroke.


Brush scattering determines the number and placement of marks in a stroke. When Both Axes is deselected, brush marks are distributed perpendicular to the stroke path.

Color dynamics determine how the color of paint changes over the course of a stroke.

Wet Edges causes paint to build up along the edges of the brush stroke, creating a watercolor effect.

When you find settings you like click on Create new brush icon and save brush with all settings applied.

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