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Export from Bridge (convert and resize PSD, TIFF, Ai, PNG)

This is one more useful option in Adobe Bridge which allows you to convert PSD, PDF, Ai, TIFF, PNG to JPEG without leaving Bridge and open Photoshop. Except conversion You can also specify dimension through Constrain To Fit so image will fit in specified dimension either in its height or width.

Let’s see how it works. First of course start Bridge and browse for files. Click on Export panel to see it (Window > Export). When using context menu You don’t need to see Export panel. Basically You can convert any file that have thumbnail preview in Bridge (I have tested with PPTX – MS Power Point presentation). Right click on file and choose Export to > Hard Drive.

Export dialog will open. If You want to export multiple files then use Shift or Ctrl + click to select multiple files or click and drag file or files to Save to Hard Drive on Export panel, when plus sign appear below cursor release mouse button.

When use drag and drop method You need to click on up pointing arrow at Export panel to open export dialog.

In Export dialog specify where You want to save file first and how Bridge to Handle Existing Files at Destination tab.

Then click on Image Options tab and specify whether to resize image or not from Image Size and Quality drop – down list. Choose and other options which I will not describe in details because You can access Bridge Help and find out what mean every option in this dialog.

When You are done click on Export button.

To save all adjustments as Template so You don’t need to pass through Export dialog again click on Save button. Preset will be created and visible on Export panel and in context menu.

Next time right click and choose Preset name or drag and drop files then click on up pointing arrow at Export panel. Conversion will be done in seconds without Export dialog.

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