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Make a hole in Photoshop shape

Beside Custom Shapes you get with Photoshop installation and tons of shapes you can find and download from Internet, you can make your own custom shape from existing. One way is to use regular Shapes and mix them by adding or subtracting one from another.In other words you can make hole in one shape by subtracting another. I will give you one example:

In this example I will use circle and star to make star hole inside circle. For this subtraction best way to go is to set guides which will help you to draw both shapes from same center what you need to make life easier and job quickly done.

First thing to do is to select Ellipse Tool and click on right side of icon for Custom Shape Tool on Options Bar to see pop-up window with additional options. Choose Fixed size and type for example 800 px in Width and Height fields. Check and From Center check box to draw circle from center where you going to click.

Ensure that Shape layer option is selected on Options Bar, click in center where the guides intersect and Photoshop will draw perfect circle for you.

Choose Polygon Tool and again click on Geometry options on right side of Custom Shape Tool at Options Bar. Check star in pop-up window and type for Radius half of sizes you have typed in Height and Width fields for circle.

With shape layer selected and vector mask active (vector mask have frame around when is selected, active) click on Subtract from shape area in Options Bar. Click again in center of guides intersection and holding down mouse button move mouse in any side. Photoshop will again draw star which will perfectly match circle (don’t release mouse button to be able to rotate star). Now you can rotate star and position where you want to make hole inside of circle.

If you are not satisfied with rotation hold down Ctrl key and cursor will change to Path Selection Tool. Click on star to activate it, then right click and choose Free Transform Path and star will be ready for scaling, rotating..


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