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Open PSD file in Camera RAW in Photoshop CS5

Open PSD file in Camera RAW - to open PDF file and watch video created with Adobe Captivate 5, you must have Adobe Reader installed.

Photoshop CS5 allows you to save as PSD file from Camera RAW but doesn’t allows you to open it. If you try to open from Bridge, Mini Bridge or Open from File menu, you will not be able to do that. There is way to open PSD in Camera RAW through Open As command from File menu. If you wonder why, my reasons is because Camera RAW is better tool to work with colors especially when you work with the photographs. In Camera RAW you don’t have to worry about masking portions of photograph when you want to adjust only one portion because masks will be automatically created from Camera RAW. Also you can easy achieve some great effects, and using advantage of opening Photograph in Photoshop as Smart Object you can change settings any time you want.

The trick is to change default Open As from PSD to Camera RAW.

When you finish editing in Camera RAW, hold down Shift key while clicking Open Image button which will change to Open Object and you will open file as Smart Object in Photoshop. Combine all power of Photoshop to easy achieve great looking results.


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