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Q. What is an Adobe ID and how do I obtain one?
A. Your Adobe ID is typically your current e-mail address. An Adobe ID, plus your password, gives you access to special membership benefits on To create an Adobe ID or sign in using an existing Adobe ID, click here. For a complete FAQ on Adobe IDs, click here.

Q. Why can’t I sign in with my Adobe ID?
A. Failure to sign in properly may be due to problems with an older Adobe ID that's causing a conflict, leftover files from a prerelease version, or corrupt preferences. It may also be caused by an issue as simple as logging in using an account instead of a CS Live ID.
For more information troubleshooting Adobe ID, see
Q.  My user ID isn’t confirmed. Why haven’t I received an email validation?
A. You must click a verification link in the email message you receive when you sign up. However, the confirmation email from may be flagged as spam in some email applications. Check junk mail folders to locate the verification notice. For more information troubleshooting Adobe ID, see



Q. Can BrowserLab access and test sites that require usernames and passwords (HTTP authentication)?
A. No, BrowserLab currently does not support sites that require usernames and passwords. In some cases, Dreamweaver users have found a workaround by logging into a site via Live view, and then testing the page in BrowserLab.


CS Review

Q. Is there a way to remove the CS Live button from CS5 application interfaces?
A. No, the CS Live button is a permanent part of the application interface. Photoshop CS5 does include an option to show/hide the CS Live menu in its Plug-Ins preferences.

Q. Why does freeze when I try to view the review online?
A. The installed Flash player may be more recent than the release version. Try another browser or installing the release version of Flash Player. To check which version is installed, see To get the most recent release of Flash Player, see

Q. Why don't I see the Review window on
A. Be sure that Plug-Ins preferences in Photoshop are all set to allow net connectivity and panels to load. Look for the “Extensions Panels” group in the Plug-ins panel of the Preferences dialog box. All options should be selected. If Photoshop CS4 is also installed, the same settings can block access.  

Multiple CS4 applications have preference settings that can also block network access. In applications such as Dreamweaver CS4, Flash CS4 pro, InDesign CS4, and Illustrator CS4, choose Window > Extensions > Connections. In the Connections panel, choose Offline Options from the Options menu.  In the dialog box that appears, deselect the Keep Me Offline option.

Q. Why is the CS Review panel frozen?
A. The panel may appear frozen because the Terms of Use haven’t been accepted. The first time you open the CS Review panel, you are prompted to accept the Terms of Use agreement. The prompt appears in the CS5 application, but clicking the prompt should launch a browser and open a window with the terms of use. The browser window may not be visible. Try moving windows out of the way so the browser window with the Terms of Use is visible. Or, there may be a problem with Flash Player. See “ freezes when I try to view the review online.”


Adobe Story

Q. Must all Collaborators have an Adobe App/Suite to use Story? Can I have an account and invite other users for free?
A. All users can use Adobe Story for free for one year. The pricing after that is yet to be decided. Till then, feel free to invite people to install and try Adobe Story.

Q. Where is the spelling checker?
A. Adobe Story flags words that it does not recognize with a red curly underline. The spelling checker is enabled by default.   Move your cursor over the line until you see a red downward arrow. Click the arrow to display the available options. Do one of the following:

  • Select the correct word from the available options.
  • If you do not want Adobe Story to flag the word in the script, select <word> Is OK In This Document.
  • If you do not want Adobe Story to flag the word for any script, select <word> Is OK Always.

Note: The dictionary used depends on the locale used to create the document. For example, if you import a document created in French locale into an English locale, the French dictionary is used.

Q. Cannot log into Adobe Story. Error message: "SecurityError:Error#2176:Certain actions, such as those that display a pop-up window, may only be invoked upon user interaction, for example by a mouse click of button press," and an "okay" button.
A. Download and install the latest Flash player from

Q. Error message during install: "Couldn't write the application to the hard disk. Please verify the hard disk is available and try again."
A. Install Adobe AIR ( first, and then run the application.

Q. Where do I post feature requests for Adobe Story?
A. Log in with your Adobe ID to post a request. You can get your free log in ID by registering yourself at



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