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How To Have the Acrobat Form Wizard Automatically Create Check Boxes

Have you ever wished the Acrobat Form Wizard would automatically create Check Boxes? 

  • The trick is to use the Zapf Dingbat drop shadow Check Box (aka ballot box) as shown below.
  • The Form Wizard is finicky about font size and spacing so stick with what is shown here for best results.

Here are the basic steps using Adobe InDesign CS4 and Acrobat 9 Professional:

  1. To setup an Automatic Bullet, Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac) on the Bullet List icon.
  2. Add the exact Zapf Dingbat drop shadow check box as shown in the screen snapshot.
  3. Create a PDF file via Export to PDF in InDesign (I used the High Quality Print settings).
  4. Run the Acrobat Form Wizard in Acrobat (I used Acrobat 9 Pro on a Mac). 
  5. If you prefer a Check Mark (rather than the default square) you can select the check boxes and change the properties in the Acrobat Form Editor as shown below.

Here's how I added the appropriate check box using InDesign CS4, so that the Acrobat 9 Pro Form Wizard will recognize it as a check box. 

The Acrobat Form Wizard recognized the check box, but since I prefer a check mark, a quick touch-up is needed. Here's how I edited the check boxes in Acrobat so it would actually appear as a check (rather than the default square). If you prefer that checking one box turns off the other boxes, you'll need to give all the boxes the same field name and a different Export Value.

About the contributor 

Bill Carberry is an Adobe Certified Instructor (since 1999) and CS4 Design Master (Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, including Lightroom).



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