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Tracking User Progress in a Multi-Module Adobe Captivate 4 Movie

If you develop and publish a multi-module course in one Adobe Captivate movie, you may want to provide visual indications to the user of their progress. Usually, a Learning Management System (LMS) can be configured to show the user which modules they have completed. However, if you do not deploy on an LMS, you can use the following tip to provide visual indications to the user on which modules they have completed as they progress through the course.

My solution is for Adobe Captivate 4 only because it makes use the new user variables and advanced actions scripting. I use checkmarks (graphics) to check off which modules the user has completed. After completing all the modules, I display a message that the course is complete. You can check out the solution here ( 

The process is as follows: 

  • Place a checkmark or other graphic next to the module title on your Menu slide in Adobe Captivate. Give the images names like chk01, chk02, etc. Make the Checkmark images invisible by clearing the visibility property checkbox on the Image>Options tab.
  • Create a user variable for each of the checkmarks, chk01, chk02, etc. and set their initial values to 0 (zero). You can use different names if necessary.
  • Name the first slide of each module module01-start, module02-start, etc.
  • On the Menu slide, place click boxes on the each menu title and set the "On Success" event to Multiple Actions. Enter the following for each clickbox:
    • Goto slide <slide name> where slide name is the first slide in the module, for example, module01-start.
    • Show <image name> where image name is the corresponding checkmark image, for example, chk01.
    •  Assign <image variable = 1> where image variable is the corresponding user variable you created for the image.
  • Place an image or caption with text such as "Congratulations! You have completed the course" at the bottom of the Menu slide and name it "congratulations" or something similar. Clear the visibility property as we did for the checkmarks.
  • Click Project>Actions. Select the Advanced Actions tab and create a new script with the following information:
    • check if <chk01 = 1> AND <chk02 = 1> and ... depending on the number of modules
    • jump to slide Menu
    • show congratulations
    • End
  • Name the script "show congratulations".
  • Finally, display the slide properties page of the Menu slide. In the Navigation section, set On slide enter to "Execute advaced action" and Action to "show congratulations".

That's it! Publish and view your course.

Menu page showing all modules completed.

About the contributor 

Isaac is the Principal consultant at IT Associates, Inc., a consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA. He has more than 20 years experience in instructional design, technical writing, performance support systems development, information architecture, and web development. 

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